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    Sports media runs in my blood. I love the industry, I love the way sports content builds community, and I love giving back to the industry however I can.

    That's where School of Sports Media comes in. I want this to be a learning community for anyone who has toyed with the idea of diving into the industry -- or for anyone IN the industry who is looking to improve.

    Our mission at School of Sports Media is to educate and empower the next generation of aspiring sports media members -- sports writers, sports podcasters and more."

    Phil Mackey, founder of School of Sports Media


    School of Sports Media is a fun, entertaining and informative look at what it takes to succeed as a sports media professional during perhaps the CRAZIEST time in sports media history!

    Opportunity is EVERYWHERE. Podcasts, YouTube, social media, radio, TV. The distribution platforms are endless.

    School of Sports Media materials will provide you inside tips, tricks and hacks from people who ACTUALLY make a living in sports media!